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Heisse Sosse



Heisse Sosse

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18 tracks with features by BC (Born Crazy), TOKE, Rolos, Goldie LoKk, Hypnautic, Pries, Deejay Kosmo, Rahzkroneprinz, A.Will, ScotFree, ALE, Nhaje Gems, K. David, JGS, Parris Love, Rawmone, Know Justice and many more

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Whats your favorite song on "Heisse Sosse"?

Crazy Kraut 21
Organic 45
Refute 5125
Never Looking Back 1112
Patrons 532
BLVD 398
Born With This 88
Hey You 2378
All Seein Eye 2397
Cant Take It Witcha 34
F**k With It 71
Grits 561
When Its On 177
GTFO 366
Lennon & Marley 13
Intercontinental 1662
Too Little Too Late 4904
Lone Wolf 83
19967 responses

When Its On

Crazy Kraut

Cant Take It Witcha

Smoke Shop