What's up World Family, It's me! Christopher Corey Alexander Rios aka Rolos/ Songwriter/ Poet/ Philanthropist/ Performer, and this is gonna be where you can get all the facts about me, links to my profiles and media, info on shows and events, info about booking, features, and collaborations!

I began making music in 2012 out of Ft. Collins CO upon meeting Noel Cardinelli a.k.a EZ, Santino Martinez a.k.a SmoovSpaztk, and Andrew Williams a.k.a A.Will, together we formed "The Fly Doctors", we performed from house parties to Colorado State University, together we also shot two music videos and were featured in Determined Nation Magazine.  However, a new record label was in the midst among us known as "Cardinelli Records", once intial contracts were created and proposed to the artists listed professional differences emerged, unfortunately splitting The Fly Doctors. Never the less,the legendary code among artists "The Show Must Go On." took its course. Regardless of the fact, the undeniably talented trio continues to strike the hip hop market with innovative quality and hard work regularly. 
As for me, I was approached by a young conglomerate by the name of "One Click" that consisted of the artists: David Petschel a.k.a Germoney and Neil Buckley a.k.a TOKE. Through basic networking and musical collaborations the group quickly expanded to also include: Justin Piper a.k.a J Pipe and Shawn Rippee a.k.a Scotfree. Together, we form One Click, the new powerhouse of CO hip hop groups with an individual focused from each branch of original hip hop music.Though in our early beginning, we have built a foundation for a legendary footprint in hip hop music, judging by the positive and attentive response from friends, family, neighboring artists, and social media on our performances in Ft. Collins and Greeley CO. Keep in mind this is just the beginning!
I just wonder if we can wonder, got miles to come and go but no talent or time to squander, I'm tryna find myself so you can lose us if you wanna, or drop me off at the corner of music and marijuana. ”

Chris "Rolos" Rios