From the recording 420EP 5

Lyrics by TOKE, Know Justice, Germoney, ether.Unlimited
Beat produced by L.A. Rose
Mixed and Mastered by Tekmo 9.0


Intro TOKE
You dont need to tell me send it cuz i send it when i send it/
No need to tell me nada when i finish ima send it

All i do is send it all i all i do is send it/ (repeat)
Some they want the bread and some they do it for the women/
All All i do is send it (repeat)
doin what im sayin and ima keep it independent all i do is send it/
rumors out my lines when i see em ima send it

Verse 1 TOKE
Posted up like a kickstand all i do is send it/
Posted up like a mail man karl malone i send it/
Posted up like a stamp first class ima send it/
Posted up like a poster all you posers im offended ima send it no pretendentin ima say it first amendment this is urgent it aint pending not depending this a cleansin picket fencing no pension/
I dont even have to mention i will never retire security is tension/
Call up so cial sit on down why you benchin/
You aint ever get the play so Why the fuck is you bitchin/
Your bitch never slay so she in need of extension/
If yall about the money why you say you penny pinching/