New Classic is a Upstate New York born emcee with a verbose rhyme style and unorthodox flow. Coming from a humble background the majority of NC's songs focus on simple living, his struggles as an artist trying to make his rap career fit into his family life, and his muddied past dealing with alcohol abuse. Always fine tuning and trying to curate new styles and loose genres, NC embraces hip-hop but is not afraid to paint outside the lines once in a while.

An example of his flexibility is the group Subdivision which is comprised of New Classic and his alternate rap personalities Fritzoscenic and Nero. Both performed by NC but in different rhyme styles, flow and vocal qualities. Similar to Chicago based artist Serengeti and his alter ego Kenny Dennis.

New Classic has no intention to stop experimenting and growing as an artist, having signed with Pangea Music in 2017, a group of like-minded individuals who embrace their unique sounds and don't attempt to conform to mainstream norms, a perfect fit for the transformative artist.

First coming on the scene in 2010, Classic is focused on moving forward with more high quality projects and more exposure for his music.

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Red Delicious (REMIX)

New Classic

This is a remix of an old track by New Classic featuring Pangea R&B Singer / Rapper Sim C from St. Petersburg. Originally written in 2012, NC thought that Valentines Day 2021 would be a great time to release a brand new, remastered and remixed version of one of his most seductive tracks ever written.
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Where I'm From (feat. Esarem One)

New Classic

A first time collaboration between two east coast emcees, Esarem One from Massachusetts and New Classic from New York. Trying to capture the vibe of the old school 2000s style underground hip-hop music.

Produced by Kid Ocean
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New Single Out Now: Woop Woop Prod. By B.Young