I sunk myself into the roots of this garden, and planted flowers. ” - ESARA

ESARA brings special ingredients to the kitchen! Based in Tampa Bay- this area has a balance of tropical and urban qualities. This artist channels her surroundings providing a sound of sweet synthesized keys, psychedelic melodies, and deep ranged vocal talent. Throughout her entirety of lifespan, this artist always felt a special pull and drive to her music. She has found it fundamental to her growth not only as an artist, but a human being. Widely inspired by the world and connections of all sorts she traveled to Valencia, Spain. During her journey, she wrote her debut album, "Amanecer" along side a musical mentor who opened her up to the idea of expanding her artistic intuition, and sense of self. Among many, this artist has a great team by her side at all times! You will find this musician doing many collaborations with her fellow Pangea gang family, among other unique artists!  This artist goal is to expand, love, knowledge, and of course... Music with intention...  and sound with desire.