The one man team.. residing in Killsborough, ether prides himself in becoming an unlimited being in every sense of the term. Though he specializes in a conscious sort of trap music, he also expands within different skillsets, genres, and titles.. ether is much more than just another new rapper. He is the true definition of an artist. Given that the name was inspired by a dream.. ether's march towards music fame and glory has been more like a spiritual journey.  

Coming from the streets of Tampa, Fl. and being of Taino (Native American) descent, and having interests in the mystic arts, in effect proved too different a combination for his surroundings to handle. Causing him to be antagonized and demonized by the same people that should've loved him. Yet with the underlying pain of walking the path no one else would, ether still smiles and says "why fit in, when you can stand out". 

Watch the story unfold, as a pure-hearted man becomes King, of a world limited by greed.

Son of Shango, Devotee of Hekate”

Saturn Return coming soon!