About Pangea Music

Pangea Music is a Hip-Hop conglomerate formed in order to give artists a creative home and a network of support without taking away any creative and strategic freedom. All artist who are part of Pangea Music retain control of their own creative output and of their own strategic career decisions.

Symbolized by the Pangea Tree of Life in the official Pangea Music logo, we are a movement of individuals who branch out to find their own unique ways of reaching for the stars, but we are bound together by a strong stem that connects us all and rooted in a great creative soil that we draw our passion and drive from. We share resources and inspire, motivate and push each other to be nothing less than the best we can be.

Currently home to Germoney, BC (Born Crazy),ether.UNLIMITED, Kris Cherry, Rolos, Know Justice, InnerG, New Classic, Ikuna Kush, ESARA, Juvenist & Da Alltiment, our mission is to recruit only the sickest, most talented, most unique, most creative and hardest working artists that we can find. Today talent can be found all over, but not many talented artists also have the work ethic and commitment it takes and those rare gems are the ones we are looking for. 

Collectively we set out to produce music that we feel competes with any other artists or labels in the industry. We strive to bring you music straight from our hearts, music that will serve as a soundtrack to YOUR life!

We also provide video production services for artists looking to create their own video.

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