Lyrics by TOKE, New Classic, BC (Born Crazy), Da Alltiment
Beat produced by L.A. Rose
Mixed and Mastered by Tekmo 9.0



Drippin gold bars candy paint cars/
Holographic stars ultra chronic green charge/
Good to go good to go lets go/
Split it up lets roll then smoke/
Hold it in eyes red then choke/
Pure gold pure gold pure gold

Verse 1 TOKE
Im gonna focus on me and the sheep gonna follow the fleece/
Wollf bring tears that bleed and the shepherd shows its teeth/
Sunlight follows me and the rain clouds shadows see/
All the flowers sing for spring and the dirt it covers weeds/
Im gonna do what im doin/
To the moon and then back im a shoe in/
Talkin that dope i am fluent/
Follow my lines congruent/
Anatomic gold the truest/
Laughin and smokin the buddha/
Cheesin in pictures the ghouda Dont hurt me again rick the ruler/
Here measure my dick with a ruler/
think the ice box plugged im cooler/
Pick the fox on up no uber/
Left her friends at the bar with the goobers Come for the mountains like a lion on a cougar i aint lion no liein i am super
Duper stupid bet she love me like cupid/
got her head in my lap medusa