From the recording 420EP 5

Lyrics by TOKE
Beat produced by L.A. Rose
Mixed and Mastered by Tekmo 9.0


Light up lit im high up quick feelin it
New lift kit who is this im feelin it
Brand new day gonna kill yesterday and im never gonna be gonna be the same/

Verse 1 TOKE
Wake up no blunt no money no honey I don’t really find any of that shit funny it aint me i aint bummin roof down feelin sunny/
No worry i get abundance/
Run you down the street what you say like joe budden/
How you gettin women when you callin them bitches/
How you gettin digits when you disregard riches Why you feelin all low when you wanna be high/
Let me ask you why or you can tell me why to my face you get five it get live survive man im just sayin hi/
Why is it a crime if i talk about my life/
40 ounce sublime feelin free till i die/

Verse 2 TOKE
Out the door with no car no weed filled jar what im sayin got me laugin in the truck with a gar Yall up on that timeline actin so hard I aint caught in none of that thats why im very far out pull the bars out check the words out ya mouth they can make it come true manifest no doubt/
Even in a drought, hold ya own clout/
Show the world what you bout they can never take ya mind stand proud
TOKE loud be yourself by yourself or even in a crowd/
Who wild new style yuh i always been myself so I always stand out and i never ran out/

Verse 3 TOKE
Lay my head down to rest we don’t always have it all today I did my best ima dream in the raw mix the sugar and the salt miss all that trash talk trying to trip me up and fall i can see where i came and i sawwww/
I can see through the blame and its all my own fault learn from dumb ass choices choose amend the assault i admit to my faults my word is my balls every day get better make a better tomorrow Rather feel ashamed now than be a victim of sorrow I dont wanna mask the pain its all mine you cant borrow, I am not zorro dont want a trip in your shoes i might get bored yo i might get a boil
Avoidin bullshit torro torro
This is gold i struck gold like oil/
Finally beat up the game like i just beat Goro love livin in a colorful world