Lyrics by TOKE & Tekmo 9.0
Beat produced by L.A. Rose
Mixed and Mastered by Tekmo 9.0


Lift Kit Lift Kit I need to stay lifted, lift kit lift kit outcast and misfits, uh you know it, yuh yuh you know it, lift kit you know it if she put it up then blow it yuh

Verse 1 TOKE
Blessin up day I arrive dress up at night with the red in my eyes/
Touchin the heavens im high in the skies/
Take off my lane so i guess im fly/ blanco illegal fish fry mi amigo flip pies/
instagram please accept em dm nose pierce your septum drip in the throat hits the system talkin the bass what you sniffin you must be silly to think i be snitchin park in the ditch and bottles be ditchin model be gifted all diggin the lifted/
Hittin the big end and takin my kids in Please don’t get this twisted keith sweat taught me this shit/
Got me twisted over you yuh im twisted over you/
Twisted and sick over you sick and twisted over you/
Hop in the spaceship and take a cruise/
Hockin whats sacred got me blue/
Talk to my chakras they breakin through/
All of these choices be careful to choose/
The all know it all don’t blow it all can’t get it all if you don’t ball/
Make it a tall takin it all no portion/
Sealin the deal eatin the seals go orca/
Killa instinct on yall hoz orchid I want one more ring than jordan/
Make it a grande arianna cant afford it/
Roll up the ganjea and i torch it/
Call up the mammi sex is morbid

Verse 2 TOKE
slide it in slow never force it/
Uh ya killin the cat murder that pussy cat boom boom bap stabbin the pussy cat ya/
Vaminos gata i got your back ya/
Call me sancho i carry the bag ya bury the past ya carry the mass ya marry the ass ya parry the blast ya counter and smash ya/
Guns n roses slash ya buns on the stove hash ya/
EP with the hashtag/
555 the mask ya/
Breakin down walls for the masses/
Open up eyes of the fascist/
Passin up barbies who fake like the plastic/
Mayonnaise get its ass kicked/
Miracle whip spiritual gift lyrical myst tell me to hit i do not miss takin the pick i dont get skipped/
Flow is so rich river is split 1 in the air 1 click/
1 for the grand finale/
2 for the alien valley/
3 for the puke and rally/
420 colorado to cali/
5 grams in the blunts thats salad/
Lettuce blaze for the Neil Xyung ballad/
Major keys over dj khalid/
Fuck you bitches if you think I ain’t valid cease that shit yall talk from your pallet open it again I insert my fallace/
Go fuck yourself till yall callace/
Im way up here in my palace (repeat) lift kit yuh im way up here in my palace

Verse 3 Tekmo 9.0
Lift kit when that bass hit
My brain split need a face lift
Just face it we slay shit
On the day to day stay wasted
Call it anything but basic
All ears mutha fucka come say shit
80 mil on a pill and I'm two pints deep
While the 808's kick in my '89 Jeep
Lift kit feeling hazy
Road house this bitch like Swayze
Round-housin' these fugazis
Dirty dancin' like the 80's
Point breakin' for my babies
Action Jackson like mercedes
Kyla deep like the Euphrates