BC was born crazy and he refuses to try to hide any facet of his real personality to please anyone. Jersey's best creation brings an unseen level of intensity and passion to all of his songs. He had his share of struggles, discrimination and confrontation in the game, but he prevailed and overcame, simply because this music, these lyrics, this energy and these flows are so deeply in him and are constantly forcing him to express himself over another hot beat. BC will never be stopped from getting on the mic so just be prepared for loads of hot new material blazing at you for years to come.

Jet-Pack Rhyming

BC (Born Crazy)

BC has his Jet-Pack which implies he is at his highest point in life.

Big THANKS to Stephanie! Without her, this album would have never been released. During my darkest time, Stephanie was there to save me. Much LOVE & GOD Bless!

Of course, I can’t forget the Pangea Music team. So much talent and inspiration! In order for this to be a masterpiece, the family needed to play a part in it.

“My demons and I are not compatible. We never have been and never will be.” - GG Allin

Parental Advisory Explicit Content
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