From the recording 420EP 5

Lyrics by TOKE, Tekmo 9.0
Beat produced by Tekmo 9.0
Mixed and Mastered by Tekmo 9.0


Verse 2 TOKE
Wanted dead or alive poppin off like smith n wesson swervin through the intersection smoke confessions travel outer 5th dimensions hopin fences ballin out/
in michael jordan Kobe bryants and lebron/
In this game we the kings you the pawns/
Palm trees in my palms steady smokin on the ganj solar space age chron/
Friendly neighborhood rappers on the lawn/
Im awake yall make me yawn wake n bake loud on the strong/
Still alive all these years dusk till dawn/
Soul spirit on these songs i love green like leprechaun where the fuck my lucky charms/
Underground revolution 1 click forever on and on and on

Verse 3 Tekmo 9.0, TOKE
1999 on my mind its the prince rollin spliff scale rainbow scale on the fish/

Pullin the trigger eyes bigger why the faces on the screen melt/
Late night waffle house patty melt

We was Wheelin and dealin flippin cds for your discman/
Fuck you little bitches tryin to diss us you can miss us/