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Politics are real and very existent in your music community. The music culture often uses words, instruments, style and image for expression. Expressing oneself is a completely cleansing and freeing experience. It is your birthright as a creature in this world to be an individual and express yourself at your own free will. Wherever you play, perform, promote and pursue your freeloving-art, there’s always someone watching or listening. There’s always a face or ear in the crowd.  Maybe you cannot sense it. Or, are caught so deeply in your free zone of expression you simply bypass every political figure in the room and could give a shit less because you are a free-willed musician. Being understood for most of your unorthodox behavior or expression may or may not be overlooked by a major promoter, venue staff member, local publicist, etc. 

You are a musician and communicating your image through music is one thing, spilling your guts in a hazy post-set atmosphere is another. It is important to keep valuable attention and knowledge in-tune while simultaneously being blind to the bullshit. For instance, don’t pay any mind to the caddy “cliques” or “teams/ clubhouses” that will do anything to keep you from being heard in their little playground. They are on a euphoric fantasy ego trip. Fuck them, they are not the topic or point of conversation. That is for the next blog. You as a musician, need to focus on getting better at your craft and riding the political waves. Put yourself in a position to win. Not saying cross-over and fake it to make it. Be yourself and be a stand out. Being a stand up person in any type of situation/ atmosphere will put you in a position of a positive resource along with a valuable response to your image and message you communicate through your art.

Stay free, keep your balls and be the fun spirit people see in your aura. The rest of the cards will all fall into place and everything will make sense. Do not fear or be annoyed by these political figures. They are people and can benefit you dearly to your rise in the music community. Although you’re a musician and your art is great, the ego can tend to fuck with your head and trip up your progress. Politics are valuable networks and not obstacles. Use your resources wisely. 

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For my appreciation to you I have attached a song you can download free “Never Gonna Be The Same” by TOKE from the 420EP/5 beat produced by L.A. Rose ***To submit featured music on my blog email***



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  • Lynn

    Lynn Loveland

    Very well written, inspiring and insightful!

    Very well written, inspiring and insightful!

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    Much luv for my homie TOKE! Stay up playa, you already know! DA

    Much luv for my homie TOKE! Stay up playa, you already know! DA

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