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Name: TEKMO 9.0
From: Loveland, CO.
Title: Producer / DJ / MC / Graphic Artist

Morgan Ray Poeschl professionally known as Tekmo 9.0, is an American music producer, DJ, MC and songwriter. Raised in Loveland Colorado, Tekmo 9.0 began developing and exploring music production in his adolescent high school years.

He had a knack for electronics and technology during his childhood, and eventually started working in A/V and IT support roles. He entered the music world as a Producer and MC, making his way to with limited resources.

After realizing that making music was his main goal, he began to showcase his talent in various venues across Colorado and online, playing at numerous gigs with different artists and making sure that his name and music were being heard by as many people as possible. He was quickly becoming known for the unique style that he brought to traditional Hip-Hop / Rap and Electronic Music.

The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. Growing up in Northern Colorado and always surrounded by different forms of music and musicians as well his parents exposing him to a wide range of music as a child, all of which influenced his development.

Tekmo 9.0 considers his music as "Melodic Destruction" a mix between elements of electronic based music, and influences from Rap and Metal genres.  His style utilizes digital sampling combined with organically generated melodies and crosses many genres, forming a combination of "glitchy break beats, Ominous Bass sequences contrasted by melodic synth lines and a tasteful over the top feel.

This new sound that he has made his own is certain to gain interest.


Inspiration for Name:

While growing up Morgan was often shortened to “Mo” by his family, friends and peers. It was his brother who jokingly said, “Ha ha Mo makes Techno, Ha Ha Tekmo!” The “9.0” portion was later adopted representing the newest version of himself, similar to new releases and versions of existing software.