UPDATE 07 OCT 2019

  • Lift Kit Music Video & The Making of Lift Kit have been completed!
  • Taking a small music break while I refinish my studio desk! (see pics below)
  • Projects in the works:
    • "The Messenger" EDM - (Working Title) 90%
    • "Pop Rocks N' Pepsi" EDM - (Working Title) 80%
    • "Kobayshi Maru" EDM - (Working Title) 80% - Working on adding vocals provided by Sim C
    • "Put a Smile on that Face" Hip-Hop - (Working Title) 100% Instrumental for Inner G
    • "Exploration" Hip-Hop - (Working Title) 0% - Working on adding to Hook/Chorus for New Classic
  • TOKE 420 EP Has been completed! Free Download
  •  "Green" has been completed!
  • NEW videos from Pangea Music Here
  • I will update and check in again soon….

 Stay tuned for more updates.


Send your completed verses to tekmo9point0@gmail.com